League of Heroes

League of Heroes

Help the villagers of Frognest! Join your friends on Facebook to the League of Heroes and become a true hero!

Story – 2.5/5

The game starts in the village of Frognest, with your character just starting out on its epic adventure. Your job is to fulfill the many quests that the villagers of Frognest give you by collecting items or slaying lethal enemies in various places. In your journey it will be necessary to upgrade your weapon and armor so as to prepare yourself for the difficult challenges ahead and the challenging boss fights.

Gameplay – 3/5

League of Heroes is your typical hack’n’slash game with graphics that seem to target children as the main audience. Controls are the typical on-screen navi-circle on the bottom-left and attack button on the bottom-right. There are only 2 ways to attack throughout the whole game, the melee slash attack and the ranged shuriken throw attack. The only features of your hero that can be customised are the weapon and armor.

Quests that are given by NPCs in the village can be completed by going on adventures to locations on the map upon exiting the village. Your character has a maximum capacity of 5 energy at the beginning and each new adventure consumes 1 energy. One energy is regenerated every 7 minutes.

There are 2 currencies in the game: Silver Coins and Gems. The silver coin is the normal currency of the game, used commonly to purchase weapons, armor, potions and trainings. Gems are the premium currency of the game, used to remove the annoying ads from the game and to purchase a huge amount of silver coins to get an edge in the game.

The graphics come off as cute and colorful in first impressions, but after several hours of gameplay, it becomes rather boring as the colors don’t change much and the art is about the same throughout all the different locations in the game.

Price – 3.5/5

League of Heroes is a free-to-play game with premium currency that can be purchased to gain an advantage in your quest to becoming the strongest hero ever. Ads are not very obtrusive as they only appear in between map screens and in the shop screens, but the big ad does take a while to load, which might irritate some players.

Overall – 3/5

The game is fun and pleasing for the first few hours, but gets repetitive and boring as you grind quest after quest just to get the silver coins to buy the next upgrade of your weapon or armor. Energy is limited, but can be gained by sharing the game through social networks or by SMS, which is easy to exploit. If you’re looking for a game to keep your children entertained, this is the game to go for.

Google Play Description

Help the villagers of Frognest! Join your friends on Facebook to the League of Heroes and become a true hero!
From the creators of critically-acclaimed Monster Shooter!

Hack your way through unlimited areas in the forest of Frognest.

Choose the best strategy to fight enemies and customize your character with countless armor options and weapons.

Gather experience and silver, find treasures, and unlock tons of unique items, including magic.

Complete over 60 quests, earn silver coins, and receive a higher ranking.

Enjoy spectacular-looking 2D visuals with top-notch animations.

Play the game and enjoy several weather and time effects based on real weather in your location. You will experience heavy rain with thunder, cloudiness, fogs, night time, etc.

Note: to experience real-life weather effects an active internet connection is required.
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Developer: Gamelion Studios

Category: Arcade & Action

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up

Price: Free


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