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Tower of Saviors, by Mad Head Limited, combines elements of both RPG and matching games to for endless hours of fun.

Story – 3.5/5

You start the game as a Summoner in ancient times when the Three Worlds (Gods, Devils and Humans) are at war. The Gods managed to seal the Devils in the Enochian Tower, and your job as a Summoner is to climb to the top of this tower while defeating all the Devils in the various stages to bring back world peace.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

The aim of the game is to clear stages with your deck of cards that you can level up or evolve given the right sacrificial cards. Each stage consists of a pre-set number of battles, and in these battles there will be enemy monsters that you must defeat in order to clear the stage. The last battle of every stage is a boss battle. There are 5 types of elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark), 7 races (Human, Beast, Elf, God, Dragon, For Level Up, For Evolve) and over 300 different cards in the game.

Mad Head Limited has included a short tutorial at the start of the game, teaching you how to dissolve runestones of the same attribute in order to inflict attacks on the enemy. You can bring 5 of your own cards (1 Leader) in a team along with 1 ally leader card from a friend into battle. All cards have active skills and leader skills. Active skills have a cooldown (CD) of a certain number of turns before it can be used in battle. Leader skills will only be applied for the card that is set to be the leader of your team.

Dissolving runestones will only inflict damage to your enemies if your team contains a card of the corresponding element. For example, if you have 2 water element cards in your team and you manage to dissolve 3 water runestones, both water element cards will attack once each. The more runestones you dissolve, the more attack damage you inflict. If you manage to dissolve 5 or 6 runestones vertically or horizontally (it could even be a cross or an L-shape), the card of corresponding element will perform an attack on all enemies in the battle.

Your Summoner HP is the total HP of the cards you bring into battle. Your HP bar also acts as a countdown for the time you have per turn to move the runestones. Enemy monsters have a CD to their attack, which will tick down after every turn you take, and when it reaches 0 the enemy monster will attack and reduce your HP. HP can be restored by dissolving heart runestones.

Combos can be made each time you align and dissolve 3 or more runestones within a turn. With each additional combo, the total attack will be boosted by 25%, so a 5 combo would increase your total attack damage by 100%.

Price – 4/5

Tower of Saviors is a free-to-play game with 2 types of in-game currencies: Gold and Diamonds. Gold is earned by completing stages and it is used to level up and evolve cards. Diamonds can be gained by clearing entire stages (each stage consists of a few levels), login bonuses or through their in-app billing store. Diamonds are used to expand inventory and friend slots (1 Diamond for 5 slots) as well as for Diamond Seals, which is a chance to draw a rare, super rare or possibly even legendary card for the cost of 5 Diamonds each.

Needless to say, a player who buys Diamonds would have a winning edge in the game, given access to extra inventory slots which are much needed as well as being able to draw out stronger cards of higher rarity, allowing the player to coast through the earlier parts of the game with ease. However, most cards can be acquired through Friend Seals and card drops in battles. Friend Seals cost 200 Friend Points each, which can be earned by bringing an ally to battle (10 points for a player on your Friends List and 5 points for one who is not) and by login bonus (200 points each day).

Overall – 4/5

All in all, Tower of Saviors is a game which requires some skill and some luck with the card draws and card drops. Even though paying players are given an edge in the game, free players still have access to most of the cards in the game, but will require a lot more time to acquire them by repeating stages. The only down-side to the game is that there is no multiplayer element to it other than ally leader cards. It would be great if card trading or multiplayer events were to be introduced in the near future.

Google Play Description

In ancient century, humans built up Enochian Tower, attempting to reach Gods. However, Devils in Hell tried to exploit the Tower to invade Heaven. A bloody war between Gods, Devils and Humans (Three Worlds) broke out, triggering Gods’ anger. Gods desperately broke the Top of the Tower and sealed Devils in it. As times goes by, conflict among Three Worlds continues to disturb the world peace. The last hope lies on the Summoners who can unleash the Seals and wipe out all the Devils!

*Addictive and fun RPG game with match 3 Runestones challenges*
By dissolving Runestones, attacks will be fired off towards the enemies. Attaining a higher number of Combos will power up the attack.

*Legends come together to overturn the end of the world
Fight with mythical characters from Greece, Egypt, China to go through the experience of a legendary Summoner!

*Experience the brand new RPG style
Level up and Evolve Monsters to form the strongest Team to fight with you.

*Logging in everyday will reward you with Diamonds to summon Rare Monsters!

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Developer: Mad Head Limited

Category: Brain & Puzzle

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Price: Free


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